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Shweta Rajput UOA Master Of Internatinal Business GBSP India HFAA Alumni & Scholar Profile

Shweta Rajput




University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
Master of International Business, Class of 2022
“The Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship has empowered me on the path of boosting sustainable global trade to usher in social, economic and environmental harmony.”

Scholar background

Prior to her UoA studies, Shweta was the Regional Manager for Contendre Greenergy, an Indian company manufacturing a range of high-quality customized solar panels, and providing solar systems services. She oversaw sales, marketing, and business development in northern India.

Shweta has more than five years’ experience working in different environments and cultures at various companies in the renewable energy sector. She started her career as a Technical Engineer at Vikram Solar and worked closely with the Project Manager and engineering department to manage solar project activities and tender inquiries. Later, she was a Project Coordinator at Amplus Solar Power where she gained experience setting up projects with government bodies.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from India’s Noida International University in 2015.

Personal statement

It is a magnificent honor to be selected for the highly-esteemed Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship. Coming from an electrical engineering background and working in the renewable industry for five years has given me good technical knowledge. But knowledge is never enough, and one must continuously learn new things and tackle new challenges to grow further.

I was lucky to have highly-supportive mentors throughout my professional career who believed in my managerial abilities. They taught me a lot about business and technology, helped me polish my skills, and pushed me to actively pursue management roles. To continue the lifelong journey of growth and progress, I decided to pursue Master of International Business from the prestigious University of Auckland. I believe that this will help me gain critical organizational skills, business acumen, knowledge of sustainable international trade, and will refine my way of thinking and decision making. It will allow me to advance my career, give me a global perspective, and provide a platform to work across international borders and cultures.

I firmly believe in the Foundation’s mission of promoting sustainable global trade and want to contribute to further advance its efforts. As it is rightly said: The choices we make in global trade today will shape our world for years to come.