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Alexma Profile 2023

Xiao Xiao Ma (Alex)




Master in Business Administration, Class of 2024

“A fair and robust international financial system is essential for sustainable global trade development. The support from Hinrich Foundation empowers me to continuously lead and contribute to this area.”

Scholar background

Alex has seven years of experience in the banking sector, with expertise in both commercial and retail banking. She embarked on her career journey as an international operations management trainee at HSBC. Over time, she gained valuable experience in various functions within the organization. Eventually, she assumed the role of Workforce Management Manager at the Commercial Banking Business Contact Centre. In this position, her responsibilities included operational planning aimed at enhancing service levels and achieving sales targets through customer interactions.

In her most recent role, Alex served as the Operation Manager – End-to-End Customer Service at HSBC. There, she played a crucial role in supporting the International Business Unit by overseeing operations management and driving digital transformation initiatives.

Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in international economics and trade from Sun Yat-sen University in China.

Personal statement

With a strong interest in different cultures, I have been associated with the international trade profession since my university days. During my seven years in international banking, I have gradually become more aware of the fragility and preciousness of a fair and open international trading system. At a time when order and value are being revalued, I look forward to using my expertise and passion for finance and trade to contribute to the stability and sustainability of the international trading system.

My previous experience has focused on operational optimisation and digital transformation in the banking sector, helping the International Banking Division to double its business growth at 70% of cost through process optimisation design and digital banking operations support between 2020 and 2023. I expect that my studies at INSEAD will help me to further improve my overall business knowledge and complete my career transition to the business side of commercial banking. Through a combination of my upbringing and continued self-discovery, I have realised that I am passionate about empowering Asia's micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and helping potential MSMEs to have a level and supportive playing field in international trade. I therefore look forward to pursuing a career in business development in commercial banking after graduation.

In addition to the financial support I have received from the Hinrich Foundation, I also value the platform it provides and look forward to meeting friends at the Foundation who have a wealth of experience and enthusiasm in the field of international trade. I am very impressed with the Foundation's ten years of work in Asia to support the advancement of sustainable trade globally. I am honored to become a member of the Hinrich Foundation Alumni and look forward to contributing to this journey.