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Md Ashif Zobayer IFC MGT '22

Mohammad Ashif Zobayer




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2022
Co-sponsor: Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association


Product Development Engineer
Triumph Group, Germany

“I am determined to apply my knowledge and lessons from the Master of Global Trade by structuring and designing learning frameworks and innovative approaches to advance global trade sustainably.”

Alumni background

Ashif is a highly motivated engineering professional with over ten years of experience working for leading companies across South Asia. Currently based in Germany, he holds the position of Product Development Engineer at Triumph Group. In this role, Ashif collaborates with production centers in Morocco, China, Vietnam and India to assist in developing seasonal styles, optimize product costing processes and manage related evaluation reports.

Prior to his relocation to Germany, Ashif served as a Lead Technical Consultant (Manufacturing and Quality) at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Bangladesh. Part of the World Bank Group, the IFC is the world's largest development institution focused on fostering private sector growth in developing countries. As a Lead Consultant, Ashif led a team responsible for a project designed to equip Bangladeshi women with the production skills necessary for employment in the garment industry.

Ashif possesses a strong background in textiles and international trade. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology from Bangladesh's Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology and a Master of Global Trade from RMIT University. He attended RMIT as a Hinrich Foundation Scholar. Ashif then went on to complete a second Master's degree in Textile Trade and Technology Management from Hochschule Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach, German in 2023.

Personal statement

As a highly ambitious professional in the apparel industry, I have always been eager to integrate my extensive experience in manufacturing and project management, and knowledge of international trade to work inclusively for the development of the ready-made garments and other manufacturing sectors.

I have been passionate about achieving sustainable development global goals for the advancement of the apparel industry. For many years, I have been involved in promoting innovation and technologies for productivity improvement, and generating thousands of employment opportunities by capacity expansion of factories. I was also part of projects which enable better career and livelihoods for hundreds of women through skills upgrading, lessening the gender imbalance in management level and so on.

I have constantly endeavored to enhance my proficiency in the fields of global trade, value chain and business strategies. I aspire to become well-recognized globally as an industrial trade leader through my contributions using my expertise.

Earning a master’s degree in Global Trade from the prestigious School of Business and Management at the RMIT University Vietnam, through the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship, will enhance my aptitudes in the areas of global business management. This will eventually shape my dream of becoming a global trade leader.

Providing an opportunity to learn up-to-date aspects of global trade, this program has also created a path to the global expert community through the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association.

I am determined to apply my knowledge and lessons from the Master of Global Trade by structuring and designing learning frameworks and training modules on contemporary and innovative approaches to advance global trade. I can also offer expert assistance to global manufacturers in training and educating their professionals, which will provide long-term benefits to the manufacturing industries. I can help shape the future economy of my country and beyond.