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Lan Nguyen Unilever MGT '22

Lan Nguyen




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2022
Co-sponsor: DataBrain


Marketing Director
New Retail CPG, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
“The Master of Global Trade program can help me reach a higher level in my learning journey. This has inspired me to learn, share and grow.”

Scholar background

Nguyen Phuong Lan is currently the Marketing Director of New Retail CPG, a Vietnamese consumer goods company distributing The Coffee House and Tearoma brands. Her main responsibility is leading the marketing and branding strategy of the two major brands as well as growing their business segment.  

Prior to joining New Retail CPG, she had been with Unilever for 15 years. She managed the Category Management Skincare until 2011 and then handled the Shopper Marketing and water purifier business.   

Lan is also a Marketing Consultant at DataBrain, a Vietnamese startup specializing in big data and AI technology. She is responsible for marketing new products to various groups of clients and helping them develop and implement growth opportunities.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in Vietnam in 2006.

Personal statement

The Master of Global Trade program through the Hinrich Foundation would benefit me in many ways. It can improve my business knowledge, management skill, and leadership skill and provide career development opportunities.

First, I can build up my academic knowledge and business understanding by learning new theories from the program. I can specifically systemize my previous working experience into a world-class standard business management framework. I can also exchange knowledge with the peers and learn from them about their business and working experience.

Second, I will enhance my management and leadership skills significantly, as I learn from the leadership styles of the Foundation’s network of professionals from various industries. I will also be able to understand other philosophies on learning in a multicultural environment.

Besides, there will be more opportunities for my career advancement as I prepare myself for future challenges. While this is a chance for me to get an accredited degree, I feel more confident and inspired to further learn and grow in my career in global trading.

Finally, I believe that the course can expand my network within Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association and RMIT alumni to help myself, my company and the other local companies to bring Vietnamese products & services to the global market.