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Jason Lott OWA MGT '22

Jason Lott


United States


RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2022
Co-sponsor: USAE PTE & Q Industries


Lead Instructor
Divers Institute of Technology, Seattle, Washington, United States

“Through the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship, I would be able to expand my knowledge of business management to help improve my company.”

Scholar background

Jason is the Lead Instructor at the Divers Institute of Technology, a private, for-profit educational institution for the training of commercial divers based in Seattle, Washington in the United States. Previously, he was the Corporate Training Manager at Ocean Works ASIA (OWA) in Singapore. OWA handles underwater construction work, including inspections, repairs and maintenance primarily in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Jason managed development programs and oversaw planning and staff training.

Prior to OWA, Jason was the Operation Manager at USAE in Singapore, overseeing and managing eight offices across East, Southeast and South Asia.

Jason earned his Saturation Diver Certificate from Institut National De Plongee Professionnelle Et D’intervention En Milieu Aquatique Et Hyperbare in France in 2013, his Commercial Diver Certificate from the National Polytechnic College of Engineering & Oceaneering in 2005 and a Peace Officer Standards and Training Certificate from the Tulare Kings Basic Police Academy in California, USA in 1997. In 2022, he completed a Master of Global Trade at RMIT University through the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship Program.

Personal statement

I began my professional career as a Police Officer in the United States and during that time I served as a Patrol Officer, SWAT team member and a Recruit Training Officer at a local police academy. After several years of service, I decided to make the change to become a commercial diver for the oil and gas industry.

For the next 15 years, I traveled the world, taking part in all manner of subsea construction, inspection and salvage projects as both an Air Diver and Saturation Diver. I also spent time giving back to my industry as a Lead Instructor for the Diving Institute of Technology, training the next generation of divers.

Eventually, my path led me to take a position as the Corporate Training Manager for Ocean Works Asia in Singapore where I now manage the all-around training needs of the company. I also assist in all Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management (QHSE) related matters, including the investigation of incidents and mitigation planning.

While taking part in the Master of Global Trade program under the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship, my goal is to expand my knowledge of business management with the intent of improving my company.

Interacting with my fellow students and learning from their own personal experience will help me to become a stronger and more resourceful leader within my company, as well as a positive role model for future leaders.