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Trang Duong Hinrich Scholar RMIT MGT Class Of 2022

Trang Duong




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2022
Co-sponsor: Genesis Fund Management


Chief Operating Officer
Genesis Fund Management, Hanoi, Vietnam
“The Master of Global Trade offers access to valuable hands-on leadership and team training sessions, coveted professional consultations and extensive networking opportunities.”

Scholar background

Trang works as Chief Operating Officer for Genesis Fund Management, a Vietnamese consulting firm that supports domestic and foreign investors in product funding and portfolio management services. She directly oversees all operations activities from marketing to internal control, collaborating with other departments to maintain the relationships with stakeholders and customers, plus developing short- and long-term practical business strategies.

Previously, Trang was Operations Assistant Manager at Paymentwall, responsible for human resource strategic planning and training, and payroll data and calculation. She also had project consultancy experience in market expansion at Ding Jin Bo Tuo and Re-tech.

She graduated from Hanoi University with a bachelor's degree in Chinese Studies in 2012.

Personal statement

With the aspiration to work in the field of business administration, I have challenged myself by working in several positions at medium and large-sized international companies.

Interacting with senior colleagues and international customers in a dynamic and challenging environment has helped me to learn and become accustomed to working under tremendous pressure.

I’m proud of my commitments, but the world is ever-changing and Vietnam is still rushing forward. The movement of startup companies has activated and the rise of small and medium-sized enterprises is noticeable in my country. However, a burning spirit cannot be the entire story since I have witnessed many cases that lost their track because of a lack of professional knowledge.

I have a strong belief that I can continue to develop my skills in management, as it is a demanding field that requires years of experience and expertise. The Master of Global Trade will help me reach a new level of self-improvement, by studying with excellent people and being guided by experienced lecturers. I am willing to step up so that I would be a part of a new, dynamic and confident generation of workforce.

I strongly believe that alongside the RMIT University, the Hinrich Foundation will help increase my impact on organizations. They will also extend my opportunity to join a network of business experts who are equipped with the courage to reach challenging goals, and to gain unmatched credibility as a global leader in trade management.