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Linh Vu Trang Samagritech MGT '21

Linh Vu




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2021
Co-sponsor: SAM Agritech


Investor Relations
Vietinbank, Hanoi, Vietnam

“The knowledge and experiences gained from this program give me more insight into how to boost sustainability in agricultural supply chains.”

Alumni background

As the Secretariat to the Board and Investor Relations at Vietinbank, a top listed company in Vietnam, Linh serves as the bridge between the company and its investor. In her role, she ensures clear communication, fostering trust and transparency for all stakeholders.

But Linh's a well-rounded professional with a diverse background. Previously, she honed her skills as an Investor Relations Supervisor at Saigon Commercial Bank, where she tackled fundraising plans and forecasted business prospects. But her experience extends beyond finance – she spearheaded an avocado development project at SAM Agritech, a prominent fresh produce exporter, in collaboration with New Zealand Plant and Food Research.

Linh holds a bachelor's degree in International Business Economics from the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam and recently earned her Master of Global Trade at RMIT University as a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar.

Personal statement

I am pursuing a career related to trading agricultural products and my company is a start-up in this sector. We aim to offer the best quality Vietnamese fruit to the global value chain.

I believe that there is no better place to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and work experience, as it relates to international trade, than the Master of Global Trade program. Agriculture in Vietnam starts from a low base and faces many challenges when exporting to foreign markets.

When I learned about the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship, it seemed a vibrant experience to get the opportunity to meet professors and leading experts in this field. Furthermore, Hinrich Foundation is well known for trade research and initiatives to promote mutually beneficial global trade. To my way of thinking, the knowledge and experience from the Foundation would also give me more insight into how to design and optimize a sustainable supply chain of agricultural products in the global market.

I am confident that this MGT course brings me and my team a step closer to becoming a leader in global trade. Starting from avocado production as a pilot program, I hope to expand our production model to other crops with the aspiration of letting the world discover the fantastic taste of Vietnamese fruit.