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Ky Anh Le Delegation Of EU To VN MGT 21

Ky Anh Le




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2021
Co-sponsor: Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association


Economist and Trade Specialist
Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

“The Master of Global Trade program is not limited to providing knowledge in classrooms, it also enables us to expand our professional network.”

Alumni background

Ky Anh is an Economist and Trade Specialist at the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam, which represents the EU in its political, economic and commercial relations with Vietnam.

Ky Anh started his career with the EU Delegation as the Press and Information Manager in 2004 where he processed and analyzed data and wrote economic and trade reports. He has also worked for the Australian Defense Force, Vietnam state-owned television station VTV1 and the Institute of International Relations in Hanoi.

He earned a bachelor's degree in Foreign Language from Hanoi University of Foreign Studies in 1996 and completed his first master's in Economic and Public Administration from the Solvay School of Business in Belgium in 2007. He finished the Master of Global Trade program at RMIT University as a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar in 2021.

Personal statement

I have a passion for helping people through my career, no matter what the circumstances or who the people are. In my current position as Economist and Trade Specialist for the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam, I have a great opportunity to turn this passion into reality.

I have a strong belief in fair and sustainable trade, where the fruits of economic and trade liberalization can be equally shared with all people. Trade, in my view, should not necessarily only benefit big multinational companies. Small and medium enterprises, and start-ups should reap the fruits, and people from all walks of life should not be left behind. I trust the Master of Global Trade can help me fulfill my dream to ensure trade is inclusive.

The course has proven its quality beyond my expectation. Experienced and enthusiastic professors, an outstanding training facility and wonderful cohorts all make the course the most rewarding learning journey for me.

I am so grateful for the Hinrich Foundation's support that enables me to pursue my dream. I fully share its vision of better and more open trade on a global scale. The Foundation is helping not only me but also all my colleagues in the course to create a synergic positive impact on free global trade and sustainable wealth. I trust we will make a different, better world by promoting global trade.