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Jiaming Zhang Innolux RMIT MGT '21

Jiaming Zhang




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2021
Co-sponsor: Innolux Group


Business Development Manager
Innolux Group, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
“The Master of Global Trade program gives me a global perspective and the confidence to become a competent leader in promoting sustainable global trade.”

Alumni background

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Jiaming is Business Development Manager for Innolux Group Asia (IGA). IGA is a leading premium footwear developer and manufacturer based in Vietnam.

Jiaming manages the company’s business development, supply chain, human resources and other operational activities. Jiaming began his career with Innolux as an executive CEO Assistant in 2012. He also worked for Prestige Packaging Industry from 2011, Huawei Technologies from 2008 and Foxconn Technologies from 2005 as an Industrial Designer.

Jiaming is taking up an Executive Master of Business Administration at the RMIT University Vietnam. He gained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Xihua University in Chengdu, China in 2005.

Jiaming completed his RMIT University Graduate Diploma of Global Trade through the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship. He is continuing his studies to earn his Master of Global Trade, class of ‘21.

Personal statement

Throughout my 15 years of professional experience working for diverse multinational companies, I have seen firsthand the evolution of business practices through the rapid growth of global trade.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design in 2005, I worked as a designer for two of the world's leading technology companies, Foxconn and Huawei, for more than six years. During this time, I realized my ambition to serve an integral role within an organization rather than focusing on a concentrated process.

I joined a French company working as an Executive CEO Assistant to manage the business of manufacturing packages for luxury brands. Since 2011, I have been involved in various business operation activities, such as the strategic relocation of the company from Cambodia to Vietnam and the development of new business channels.

Our business has grown exponentially from a small startup to a diversified multinational company with 500 employees across 15 nationalities. I have seen the opportunities for us to become significant and the rising challenges of managing internal procedures and interpersonal conflicts, while overcoming new issues and challenges within the global supply chain.

The Master of Global Trade program provides invaluable exposure to industry experts coupled with real-world practical exercises and equips me with the tools to approach global trade from a new perspective. I truly believe that sustainable global trade and cooperation between countries promote world peace and development. I am honored to be selected as a Hinrich Foundation scholar and to join a talented cohort with the ambition of becoming future global trade leaders.