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HHLGT Headshot Helmut Schwarting

Helmut Schwarting

Managing Director, Markant Trading Organisation (Far East)


Professional communication
Organizational change & Cross-cultural management
Developing teams, mentoring & facilitation

“A true global leader inspires, motivates and cares for their people. This leader serves their team and ensures that they can effectively and efficiently do their work.”
Helmut Schwarting - Managing Director, Markant Trading Organisation (Far East)

Based in Hong Kong, Helmut Schwarting is Managing Director at Markant Trading Organisation (Far East), a subsidiary of Markant Switzerland. It provides procurement-related services for consumer products in Asia, mostly in China. Its services are focus on purchasing and financing including documentation, payment processing, and exchange rate hedging.

Helmut’s team is responsible for managing their clients’ export documents and ensuring that these are compliant, on-time, and error-free. The Hong Kong office currently employs more than 30 people and is responsible for a total turnover of more than US$520 million in 2020.

Besides its Hong Kong operation, the parent company of the Markant Group — Markant Handels-und Industriewaren- Vermittlungs AG — has subsidiaries in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Markant in total has more than 1,000 employees worldwide, with more than 14,000 companies supplying their roughly 150 retail partner members.

Prior to working with Markant, Helmut worked for Continental Engineering Products as a Sales Manager for Manufacturing in 1984 and as a Hard Goods Manager for Worldlines in 1987. He was later promoted to Managing Director for Worldlines before joining Markant.

Helmut is passionate in developing and mentoring high-functioning teams and is a Certified Coach and Behavioral Consultant.

He believes that trade creates a ripple effect to other industries and stakeholders should create “win-win” situations to enrich people’s lives.

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