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Eria Intan

Intan Murnira Ramli

Policy Fellow, ERIA's Policy Design Department


International Trade - Trade in Services and Investment
Dispute Settlement
ASEAN Economic Integration
Air Services
Government Procurement
Double Taxation

Dr Intan Murnira Ramli is a Policy Fellow in ERIA's Policy Design Department.

She provides strategic linkages between ERIA's research and the requirements of policy-makers in ASEAN and East Asia region, enabling them to make more informed policy decisions.

Having previously served for more than 20 years in the Government of Malaysia, Dr Intan has the necessary knowledge and understanding in the processes of policy making and governance especially involving ASEAN Economic Integration, trade in services & investment, WTO & ASEAN Dispute Settlement, regional free trade agreements including the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, and ASEAN Trade in Services Agreement.