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Natasha Beschorner

Natasha Beschorner

Senior Digital Development Specialist, World Bank

Natasha Beschorner is a Senior Digital Development Specialist in the World Bank’s Digital Development Department, based at the World Bank Office in Manila. Natasha works on several areas of digitally enabled development, primarily on programs in Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific Islands. Natasha manages a large portfolio of investment and policy-based projects and technical assistance programs supporting digital connectivity, digital government, digital ID and digital economy development, in collaboration with private and public sector partner institutions.

She has been with the World Bank since 1993 and was previously based in the World Bank office in Singapore. Her main responsibilities include design and management of investment projects and technical assistance programs on telecommunications reform, connectivity and ICT for development in East Asia and the Pacific. She works primarily on programs in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Pacific Islands.

She is the author of Information and Communications in the Chinese Countryside: A Study of Three Provinces.

Natasha has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oxford, a Master of Arts from the University of London and a Master of Science in Information Technology/Information Systems from John Hopkins University.