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Michaela Browning

Michaela Browning

Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy, Google Asia Pacific

Michaela Browning is Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy for Google Asia Pacific.

Prior to this, Michaela held a range of senior positions in the Australian government, including as a senior diplomat of over 27 years with a focus on Asia, trade and security.

She was the inaugural CEO of the National Foundation for Australia China Relations in 2020. She served as Australia’s Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau from 2017 to 2020, and on diplomatic missions in Singapore and Thailand. She also served as senior international adviser to Australian foreign and defense ministers.

Michaela has held senior trade and economic roles including leading global investment promotion activities and strategy and operations for all Australia’s established markets for Australia’s trade and investment commission. She previously led Australia Aid’s development program for Afghanistan and Pakistan, was a trade negotiator to the WTO and for Australia’s free trade agreements with the US and Singapore.