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Expert Ben Simpfendorfer B&W

Ben Simpfendorfer

Founder & CEO, Silk Road Associates


US-China trade
Technology and trade
Digital trade

Ben Simpfendorfer is Founder and CEO of Silk Road Associates. Silk Road Associates provides geospatial analytics advisory to Fortune 500 multinationals and leading Asia-based companies, helping our clients stay competitive in Asia’s fast-moving markets.

Mr. Simpfendorfer has worked in Asia and the Middle East for the past 20 years. He advises a range of Fortune 500 multinationals on their commercial strategies in Asia, providing global boards and regional strategy teams with data-based solutions into fast-moving markets and value-chains. His extensive specialist networks add further insights into today’s key operating challenges.

Before establishing Silk Road Associates in 2010, Mr. Simpfendorfer spent over a decade tracking China’s business landscape as Chief China economist for RBS and senior China economist for JPMorgan based in Hong Kong. He started his career in Beirut during the early 1990s where he worked as a management consultant, later joining Dun & Bradstreet based in London as the firm’s Senior Analyst for the Middle East & North Africa assessing commercial and political risk.