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Hinrich Foundation Alumni Sophal Bun HKBU

Sophal Bun




Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong SAR
Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies, Class of 2014
Co-sponsor: Hong Kong Baptist University


Associate Dean
University of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“A Hinrich scholar comes out of his comfort zone and keeps learning and sharing.”

Sophal fought hard for education and success. He grew up in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and showed early signs of promise by being an outstanding student. Although, he managed to consistently land in the top 3, his parents had to make him quit school after his secondary education due to financial constraints. He actively searched for scholarship opportunities and was successful. He was awarded a government scholarship to study Bachelor of Education.

In 2012, Sophal applied for and received the Hinrich Foundation Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies scholarship at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Sophal regards this as the culmination of all his efforts to achieve higher education.

Sophal feels that this experience has opened his perception about education and how the right change of career – at the right point in time can change lives.

Sophal (second row, seated far right) with his journalism classmates and professor at HKBU

As a Cambodia Export Consultant for the Hinrich Foundation Export Trade Assistance program, Sophal worked with and helped Khmer handicraft suppliers to sell products to international buyers through online B2B marketing and one-on-one coaching.

Changing lives with learning

Sophal feels he has found his calling being the Associate Dean for the College of Media & Communications at the University of Cambodia as it combines his two great loves: pedagogy and communication. His students vary from media students from the university to other private institutions.

“Throughout my life, I have learned – and taught what I learned. After all, that is how change begins. As Associate Dean at University of Cambodia, I teach four classes a week. I also help promote the courses, produce educational and feature videos, recruit faculty members and oversee other executive management duties. I want to help the young, media-savvy generation to fill the market needs of companies in Cambodia.”

Global trade leader & teacher

In 2018, Sophal received the Outstanding Communication Alumni Award from HKBU in recognition of his remarkable accomplishments as Associate Dean of the School of Communication, University of Cambodia – a major career highlight for Sophal. The HKBU School of Communication conferred the award to alumni who have had significant contributions to society, the industry and their alma mater.

Sophal finds extreme satisfaction in his current career and he believes that his family and the Hinrich Foundation were key players in helping him reach this far.

A recognition for Sophal was receiving the 2018 Outstanding Communication Alumni Award from HKBU for his significant contribution to educating future journalists in Cambodia

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