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Hinrich Foundation Scholar Roxanne Liu HKBU

Roxanne Liu




Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong SAR
Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2019
“Stay hungry, stay foolish in the global trade . Try to be an excellent trade leader.”

Thank you very much for Hinrch Foundation offering me such precious opportunity to study in Hong Kong! I want to  become a girl who is braver to pursue my own life and what I really want, therefore, I applied for  this program. I was also benefited a lot from Hinrich Foundation diverse activities related to Global Business, International Trade and  Scholar Union. I’d like to describe myself as optimistic, insistent and creative. Be optimistic to face everyday challenge and misery, smile can be the best to fight against them. Be insistent with my dream, as long as I trust myself, I’m not alone. Be creative to find the way to solve the problems, to discover the business world in a new angle. I hope the Hinrich Foundation can organize more business-related activities to nurture my global leadership. I intend to be a product manager in the  Internet Industry in the future. I will do the monthly research in promoting sustainable global trade through my education and passion.