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Phiengpaneth Profile 2023

Phiengphaneth "Pik" Chanthalangsy




University of the Philippines - Los Banos
MSc in Development Communication, Class of 2015


Communication Specialist and Scholarship Officer
USAID LES, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Alumni background

Phiengphaneth "Pik" Chanthalangsy serves as a Communication Specialist and Scholarship Officer at the United States Agency for International Development Lao Energy Sector (USAID LES). In her current role, she participates in a collaboration project with the Ministry of Energy and Mines to advance clean energy development in Laos. Her responsibilities include managing all communication and public-facing materials, providing program support and designing scholarship activities tailored for young Lao women pursuing careers in the energy sector.

Prior to her role at USAID LES, Pik worked as an export consultant for the Hinrich Foundation, where she aided manufacturers in promoting their products. She also served as a communication specialist at a range of nonprofits including Oxfam International, Winrock International and The United Nations World Food Program.

With the support of a Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholarship, Pik earned her Master's degree in Development Communication from the University of the Philippines - Los Banos in 2015.