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Nikhil Das Profile 2023

Nikhil Neil Das




Master in Business Administration, Class of 2022


Strategy Consultant
Strategy&, Dubai, UAE

“Sustainable global trade enables livelihoods, fosters cultural understanding and brings about prosperity. The Hinrich Foundation’s scholarship and support has empowered me to take a step in this direction.”

Scholar background

Nikhil is a seasoned business development and marketing professional with experience working in diverse countries including India, Ghana, and Nigeria. He is currently a Strategy Consultant at Strategy&, the strategy consulting business unit of PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the Big Four professional service firms. Based out of Dubai, he helps clients across the Middle East build new digital ventures.

Nikhil began his career in as a strategy analyst for BlackRock and The Smart Cube in India before moving to Africa. In Africa, he worked as a Sales and Brand Manager for major corporations, including Multipro Consumer Products - Nigeria's largest company - and De-United Foods Industries, Africa's largest instant noodle manufacturer.

Nikhil received his Bachelor of Business Studies from Delhi University in 2014 and completed his MBA at INSEAD through the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship Program in 2022.

Personal statement

As brand manager responsible for the P&L of the largest noodle brand in Nigeria, I have personally seen how technology and innovation can bring down the cost of production to provide safe and affordable consumer products despite an inflationary economy. With high dependence on imports and exposure to dramatic currency fluctuations, business in West Africa required rethinking the way they manufacture. By adopting better technology and innovation, costs were reduced to maintain price of basic consumer food products.

I believe that sustainable global trade along with the adoption of technology are much required in developing economies. Post an MBA from INSEAD, I want to continue working in the FMCG industry, looking at opportunities to conveniently fulfil consumer needs across geographies. With the knowledges gains from INSEAD, along with my experiences, I expect to work with peers from different backgrounds of technology, international relations etc. to advance sustainable global trade and could lead to positive sustainable measures.

The Hinrich Foundation, through its generous contribution to my education, has enabled me to become a global trade leader. The rich experiences of the Foundation’s diverse network comprising people from a multitude of backgrounds will broaden my perspective and understanding of global trade. An MBA from INSEAD, along with the support from the Foundation, will equip me with the tools and network needed for me to create the impact that I intend to make.