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Megan Thomas


United States


Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
MA in Global Business Journalism, Class of 2013


Content Manager and Community Relations Project Manager
Arizona Department of Health Services, United States

Alumni background

Currently, Megan serves as both the Content Manager and Community Relations Project Manager for the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). She oversees the content on the ADHS website and intranet. She also works collaboratively with the team to propose and implement new communication and development workflows. These improvements aim to enhance collaboration and boost overall team effectiveness.

Previously, Megan was a communications specialist at both the CDC Foundation and the Arizona Department of Health Services. In both roles, she played a key part in crafting and disseminating messages across various channels including websites, press releases, social media, and digital townhall meetings.

Prior to that, she built a successful career as a journalist and editor. She worked for prominent media outlets such as, the Associated Press, the China Daily and the Arizona Republic.

Megan's experience extends beyond journalism. She collaborated with the Hinrich Foundation to publish their Developing Country Export Assistance Program Sourcing Publications. Notably, she was the Foundation's first American scholar to study journalism in China. She also earned a Master of Arts in Global Business Journalism from Tsinghua University in Beijing.