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Kingston Yong Profile 2023 (1)

Kingston Yong




Master in Business Administration, Class of 2023


Senior Consultant
Trace Consulting, Melbourne, Australia

“Thanks to the Hinrich Foundation, I am empowered to challenge the status quo, and champion continuous improvements as a business leader, to use global trade as a force for good.”


Scholar background

Based in Australia, Kingston is a Senior Consultant at Trace Consulting, a supply chain consulting firm. He leads strategic engagements with clients from both the private and public sectors, specializing in supply balancing, data analysis and scenario modeling.

With over ten years of experience in process improvement within the manufacturing and logistics sectors, Kingston brings a wealth of knowledge to his consulting role. Prior to joining Trace Consulting, he was a Business Improvement Specialist at LINX Cargo Care Group, a leading diversified logistics provider in Australia and New Zealand. In this role, Kingston spearheaded transformative business projects and identified strategic opportunities for logistical expansion.

Kingston earned a Master's degree in Engineering Management from the University of Melbourne, followed by a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Monash University, both in Australia. Kingtston then went on to earn an MBA at INSEAD in 2023 with the support of the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship.

Personal statement

Sustainable global trade can only be achieved with a functioning supply chain system connecting both customers and suppliers. With the current state of the economy where we have seen the transport and logistics industry hindered by a number of issues such as labour shortages, inefficient route planning and traditional management structures, we need to challenge the status quo and advocate for industry best practices in order to enable sustainable global trade at a wider scale.

Coming from a Process Engineering background in the manufacturing sector and recently transitioned to a Business Improvement role in the transport sector, I have been exposed to the entire supply chain from the lens of a Continuous Improvement Practitioner and have personally seen how important it is to ensure that each and every segment of the supply chain is well integrated and connected from a management to an operational level.

In my current tenure in the transport and logistics industry, I have learnt that it is the vehicle that connects businesses and customers together. In order to build trust and promote better interaction among the various entities within the supply chain industry, we need to advocate for continuous improvement and provide best-in-class services to facilitate this.

With an INSEAD MBA under my belt, I aim to stay the course as a Continuous Improvement expert and become an influential leader and advisor in the supply chain sector. I want to contribute towards creating a sustainable transport industry from an economic, social and environmental perspective which will undoubtedly enable sustainable global trade across geographies. Through the generous sponsorship of the Hinrich Foundation, as well as the invaluable access to the Hinrich Foundation network of industry experts, I am even more confident and assured of my goals to use trade as a force for good.