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Hinrich Foundation Scholar Xing Eddie Cai INSEAD

Eddie Cai




Master in Business Administration, Class of 2020


Partner Development Manager, Cross-border eCommerce
Amazon, Shanghai, China
“Thanks to Hinrich Foundation’s support, I will continue to use e-commerce and trade to connect the East and West, and improve the lifestyles of people globally.”

Alumni background

Xing “Eddie” Cai has a proven track record of leadership, marketing and sales in the retail and eCommerce industry. He was a recipient of Forbes 2019 “30 under 30 Asia” award for retail and ecommerce. He is a Partner Development Manager in the cross-border ecommerce Amazon Web Service Shanghai.

Eddie earned his Master in Business Administration from INSEAD in Singapore in 2020 through the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship.

Personal statement

As a multicultural and multilingual entrepreneur, I have built my career by galvanizing opportunities to make connections internationally. Most recently I founded my startup, 21 Keg, to establish cross border trade through an e-commerce platform for manufacturers to sell their private label brands to American customers. Receiving the Hinrich Foundation scholarship for the INSEAD MBA program in Singapore was a culmination of values I have developed and pursued consistently throughout my life – initiating innovation, facing challenges, and improving people’s lives.

Technology is constantly evolving, and it is vital to take advantage of openings and develop innovative responses to rising global trends. Despite challenges of current trade wars, 21Keg has seen unparalleled growth, becoming one of Amazon’s top 5% global sellers, working with top manufacturers and retailers, and capitalizing on social media marketing to quickly expand to offline retailing clients. I believe continued strategic approaches, such as diversifying our channels in the US market, will allow our company to have robust growth next year despite current politics.

The Hinrich Foundation’s mission resonates – I founded 21Keg with the understanding that sustainable trade benefits the lives of people globally by promoting economic prosperity and peace. Our company partners with the Business Social Compliance initiative, which reduces poverty in local communities. I have dedicated the past three years and plan on devoting my future career to trade with the goal of impacting societies, economies, and the environment.

I view an MBA from INSEAD supported by the Hinrich Foundation as an opportunity not only to expand my business expertise, but also to further realize my desire to make a global impact.