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Chau Le (Tina)




Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong SAR
Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies, Class of 2013


Senior Business Consultant & Senior Project Manager - Professional Services - Analytics & Trading
Factset, Canada

Alumni background

Tina's a financial expert with over 10 years of experience under her belt, bridging the gap between finance and technology. At Factset, a powerhouse in financial data and analysis, Tina leverages her expertise as a Senior Business Consultant & Senior Project Manager, leading the charge in Professional Services - Analytics & Trading.

In addition, Tina is also the CEO & Founder of Settle Easy Canada, a company aiding new arrivals with a range of settlement services to make their immigration transition smoother.

Prior to that, Tina honed her skills as a Product Manager for Financial Products at Bloomberg Hong Kong and tackled financial and accounting challenges at Evergreen International Airlines. Tina even dived into the world of professional finance, working at the CFA Institute before relocating to Hong Kong.

A lifelong learner, Tina was awarded a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship. This paved the way for her Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Foreign Economy and Relations from Foreign Trade University.