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Winners of 2020 Hinrich Global Trade Leader scholarship at INSEAD

Published 15 June 2020

Congratulations to our two new scholars for being awarded the 2020 Hinrich Global Trade Leader scholarship for INSEAD Master of Business Administration.

Ioannis Georgopoulos (Greece) and Sugandha Mahajan (India) join the Hinrich Foundation family as 2020 Hinrich Global Trade Leader scholarship recipient for INSEAD Master of Business Administration. The scholarship is awarded to up-and-coming executives and young professionals looking to advance sustainable trade in Asia and the world.

Read Ioannis' full profile

Ioannis Georgopoulos (Greece)

Hinrich Global Trade Leader

INSEAD Master of Business Administration, Class of 2021


“International trade created those unique interdependencies between countries that secured peace. However, only sustainable global trade will ensure continuous prosperity, respect for human rights and environmental protection. As global leaders, regulators or consumers, we ought to act today, together."


Read Sugandha's full profile

Sugandha Mahajan (India)

Hinrich Global Trade Leader

INSEAD Master of Business Administration, Class of 2021


“Becoming a Hinrich Global Trade Leader is not only a generous financial contribution to my education and future but also a validation for the numerous women entrepreneurs striving to make a mark in India.”


Program Director of the Hinrich Foundation, Alex Boome, welcomes the new scholars:

"Our new Global Trade Leaders are as diverse as trade itself, yet bound by the unwavering belief in the value that mutually beneficial global trade can bring to society.

Sugandha is our first scholar from a family-owned India factory, while Ioannis is our first scholar from Greece. Their expertise ranges from banking and safety footwear manufacturing to agricultural commodities imports and industrial oil trade. Both have a deep-rooted practical understanding that firms must balance the economic, social and environmental aspects of business for trade to be sustainable."


Founded in 1957, INSEAD is one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools. It offers a truly global educational experience with locations in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore), the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) and North America (San Francisco). INSEAD shapes leaders who are equipped to tackle world-scale challenges and advance business as a force for good.

The INSEAD Master of Business Administration is a 10-month full-time master’s program designed for early to mid-career professionals, to help develop their full potential and open doors to truly global career opportunities. INSEAD MBA has consistently ranked among the top five MBA program in the world according to the Financial Times.

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