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US-China Tech Decoupling and Implications for MNCs

Hosted by AmCham Hong Kong

Event Details

30 July 2020 | 12:00 – 1:00 pm (Hong Kong time)

In this webinar, a panel of distinguished speakers will decipher the global impact of US-China tech decoupling and share their outlook for the future of innovation and technology.

As US-China relations fray, there has been growing pressure by policymakers to splinter the global tech sector. On the one side, Beijing recently unveiled a US$1.4 trillion plan to reduce its dependence on foreign technology while on the other side, Washington has imposed new sanctions on Chinese tech firms to restrict Chinese access to US technology. Despite China's initiatives, the US is still a key player in semiconductor manufacturing, at 52% of global market share (as of 2018). 

These measures not only create uncertainty for Chinese tech companies, but put a damper on Beijing's big push for new digital infrastructure investments and its 5G national roll out. Relatedly, the whole export-oriented APAC region could be economically affected over the next few years – as many industries and sectors are set to benefit from this new wave of 5G capex spending and product upcycle, estimated to be around $900bn to the region's economy.

As strategic competition intensifies between the world's two largest economies, what does the $+200bn annual US-China tech trade environment look like in the future? What are the implications for multinational tech companies with operations in China or rely on China as part of its global tech supply chain? What are the ramifications for tech companies in Hong Kong now that the US has revoked Hong Kong's special trade status?


  • Event closed to the media
  • Chatham house rules