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Preparing for the New Normal: International Trade in a Post-COVID World

A part of the United Nations Virtual Forum on Responsible Business and Human Rights

Event Details

10 June 2020 | 4:00 p.m. CST

The COVID-19 virus has crippled supply chains and brought production nearly to a halt, calling into question the resiliency of our global economy. Our Research Fellow, Stephen Olson, will participate in a live panel discussion hosted by UNESCAP about how international trade should evolve in the post-pandemic world.

But the most important long-term consequence might be its impact on the already faltering confidence in the benefits of trade. How can trade be reimagined and recalibrated to mitigate inequality, and better address human rights costs and risks? What are current trends with regards to labor and sustainability? What new approaches, in the context of COVID 19, are required to ensure trade and investment get back on track?

This session aims to:

  • Shore up faltering confidence in trade, a trend that might have been accelerated by COVID-19;

  • Present the changing nature of trade policy formation with a new emphasis on labor rights, environmental sustainability and other standards;

  • Demonstrate how trade policy can be reimagined to address income inequality;

  • Demonstrate how trade processes can be reimagined to make trade and supply chains more robust and resilient protecting jobs.

Speakers includes Mr. Stephen Olson, Ms. Joyce Chau, Ms. Do Quynh Chi, Mr. Sean Lees, Ms. Mia Mikic and Ms. Madelaine Tuininga from Hinrich FoundationamforiResearch Center for Employment RelationsUnited Nations Development ProgrammeUnited Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and Directorate-General of Trade, European Commission, respectively.

Hosted by UNESCAP, this live panel is part of the United Nations Virtual Forum on Responsible Business and Human Rights.