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The Sustainable Trade Index 2022 Educator’s Forum

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23 February 2023 | 4PM (SGT) / 9AM (CET)

The Sustainable Trade Index (STI) 2022 is a powerful policy tool for trade officials and business leaders, but how can it be leveraged for effective trade education? Join us for the STI 2022 Educator’s Forum on 23 February to understand how the STI can be used effectively in the classroom.

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The STI 2022 measures the readiness and capacity of 30 economies to participate in international trade sustainably. The index is a powerful tool for educators to leverage on in the classroom. Consisting of three key pillars – Economic, Social, and Environmental – the STI presents an overview as well as detailed breakdowns of how well countries trade under each pillar.

The STI also has the potential to be an effective teaching tool in international trade lesson plans. In this webinar, economists, and trade experts demonstrate how educators can make use of specific issues raised by the STI as a springboard for classroom discussions. Educators can expect to learn how the STI may supplement their academic materials and lead students in discussions on the economic, social, legal, historic, and geopolitical dynamics driving global trade. It also presents opportunities for educators to analyze specific economies or diversity of indicators across various economies. The session moderated by Chuin Wei Yap, Program Director of International Trade Research at the Hinrich Foundation will end with an interactive Q&A session. Panelists include:

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