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What to expect of supply chain snafus in 2022?

Supply chain disruptions in the US are identified as the culprit for delaying the Biden Administration's COVID-19 response and rising prices. What's behind this latest snafus? Hear from three experts in this National Press Foundation briefing, sponsored by the Hinrich Foundation.

Global trade was supposed to improve efficiency, lower prices, and promote international peace and cooperation. That was 2019.

Now supply chain snafus – especially congestion in US ports – are blamed for driving up inflation, delaying delivery of COVID-19 test kits and bedeviling the Biden administration's efforts to improve the US economy. Meanwhile, there are worries that a Russian invasion of Ukraine and Western sanctions could further roil the global economy and disrupt international trade.

This online briefing is designed to help reporters in the US, Europe and Asia cover this sprawling global story and gain a deeper understanding of what affects supply chains – and what doesn’t.

Philip Levy, former senior economist for trade on the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and Chief Economist at global logistics platform Flexport will explain why the average ocean shipping journey has gone from 45 to 110 days, why small shifts in consumer demand have disproportionate impact, and how journalists can find the data they need to tell these stories in their coverage areas.

Edwin Lopez, senior editor at Supply Chain Dive, will explain why journalists should stop using the word “shortage” and offer other insights and tips on coverage.

Dani Romero, who covers supply chain issues for Yahoo Finance in Los Angeles, will give an update from the jammed port of Long Beach and discuss how to cover the effects on workers, businesses and inflation.

This briefing includes a Q&A session.

The webinar has ended. You may watch the full webinar recording here:

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