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Strategic reglobalization: Great power rivalry comes for the multilateral trading system

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30 November 2022 | 10:00 AM (US EST)

The multilateral trading system is premised on a win-win exchange. Increasing geopolitical competition is testing the presumption. Join this webinar on 30 November 2022 to learn more about the current trends in our multilateral trading system.

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Mutually beneficial trade forms the premise of the multilateral trading system. While it remains largely true that reducing trade barriers allow for economies of scale and specialization, economic benefits can no longer be the only consideration for international trade. In his latest research, Daniel Ikenson, Director of Policy Research at ndp | analytics explores the need for “strategic reglobalization” amid great power rivalry.

Ikenson observes that the current multilateral trading system is in peril because the United States and China are committed to courses of action that subordinate World Trade Organization rules to their hegemonic priorities. This has resulted in growing distrust and elevates technological primacy over the greater certainty of rules-based trade. Join this webinar, developed jointly by the Hinrich Foundation and the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents (AFPC-USA), on the future of trade in a new era of strategic reglobalization.

Guest speaker: Daniel Ikenson, Director of Policy Research, ndp | analytics


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