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Price hike? Covering China's food security strategy

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Global food prices are up 40% over last year, close to the levels during the 2007-2008 food crisis. With one in every six people in the world dependent on international trade for food, China’s massive grain and meat purchases are causing higher food bills and sparking fears of shortages — especially in developing countries. Enter China’s new food security strategy. China’s 2021 No. 1 Policy Document and new Five-Year Plan outline measures Beijing plans to mitigate a looming gap in its domestic food supply in the year 2025.

In this National Press Foundation webinar, part of the Hinrich Foundation sponsored series on global trade, three experts will address China’s revised plans to achieve “absolute” food security and the implications for global food trade. How it will affect farmers, consumers and businesses? Will the policy impact America's farm belt as well as the African nations for whom China is both a competitor and a top customer?

Speakers include:

  • Andrea Durkin, founder, Sparkplug LLC; nonresident senior fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs; former US trade negotiator
  • Joseph Glauber, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute; former chief economist, US Department of Agriculture
  • Uchechukwu Jarrett, Assistant Professor of Practice in Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Yeutter Institute