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Resilience in an increasingly multipolar global economy

As part of the Chatham House Global Trade Conference 2021, Research Fellow Stewart Paterson and other panelists will discuss how increasing geopolitical competition is shaping the global trade environment and increasing the likelihood of supply chain shocks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the emergence of a multipolar global economy, with states and regions worldwide moving towards protectionist trade policies, particularly in industries of strategic importance. This will shape the operating environment for businesses, as they seek to make manufacturing and supply chains more resilient to geopolitical developments.

This session will explore how geopolitics is increasingly shaping global trade and how businesses can make their operations more resilient in an increasingly multipolar world. Panelists, including Hinrich Foundation Research Fellow Stewart Paterson, will explore:

  • What is the significance of the shift of global trade towards the Asia-Pacific?
  • What is the outlook for US-China trade relations?
  • How will it impact broader trade dynamics, such as for the EU, UK and other countries?
  • To what extent has the Biden administration marked a new chapter in global trade relations?
  • What is the significance of the EU’s new trade strategy?
  • How are increasing geopolitical tensions shaping the trading environment for businesses?
  • How can they make their operations more resilient to geopolitical developments?

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The webinar has ended. You may watch the full webinar recording here:

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