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Upcoming Events

Global Trade Week 2022

Understand how technology, data, and supply chain resilience could be leveraged to build a sustainable future in this Economist Impact event, which the Hinrich Foundation continues to proudly support for the second year running. Register now to join experts from across the trade ecosystem, including Research Fellow Stewart Paterson.

Session date and time: 27 June 2022 | 4:25 pm -5:05 pm GMT

Economist Impact’s Global Trade Week (GTW) 2022 convenes thought leaders from the entire trade ecosystem. This allows for the new reality of trade to be understood in its entirety, including geopolitical and climate-change risks. Topics to be covered during GTW 2022 include:

  • Supply chain scenario planning and the role of technology
  • The incorporation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in trade finance
  • Implications of the rise of e-commerce
  • Various case studies on the geopolitical dynamics impacting supply chains, digital trade, trade finance, as well as the greening of trade

On the first day of the event, Research Fellow Stewart Paterson will be joined by four other panelists to discuss what businesses should expect from changing global tariffs and trading relationships. Register now to hear why global trade may be edging closer to a state of crisis, as protectionist policies and regulatory uncertainty disrupt established business models.

The event has ended.

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