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Future of IP and Tech Collaboration in China

Hosted by Berkeley Law

Event Details

15 July 2020 | 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm (PT)

Intellectual property law in China is undergoing rapid change, with profound implications for the global tech industry. This webinar will discuss Chinese law, technology and trade, and feature Alex Capri, Research Fellow at the Hinrich Foundation, as a speaker.

Hosted by the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, this session will look at the full range of IP issues associated with US-China trade and collaboration, including the Phase 1 Agreement, the role of the US government and WTO, whether the US and China can “decouple” in technology, what the data shows about the nature of US-China IP relations, and how the private sector is approaching these challenging times.

Speakers include:
  • Alexander Capri, Hinrich Foundation/National University of Singapore
  • Don Rosenberg, VP and General Counsel, Qualcomm
  • David Kappos, Former Director, USPTO; Partner, Cravath
  • Mark Wu, Harvard University
  • Dan Prud’homme, EMLV Business School (Paris, France)
  • Moderator: Mark Cohen, Berkeley Law