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Trade, Labor, and Human Rights – at odds or reconcilable

Published 23 August 2022

While businesses navigate legal, operational, and reputational risk, the duty to protect human rights still falls onto the state, explains Harpreet Kaur, Business and Human Rights Specialist at the UNDP.

Watch the webinar:

Trade has positive and negative impacts on human rights, and both businesses and the state should be responsible for protecting these basic rights. However, responsibility and duty are fundamentally different things, explains Harpreet Kaur, Business and Human Rights Specialist at the UNDP. Although the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights introduced a complementary responsibility for businesses to respect human rights, it is the state that ultimately signs a binding treaty. Watch this video for insights on how trade, labor, and human rights intersect by a leading expert in the field.

About the NPF International Trade Fellowship 2022

The National Press Foundation in collaboration with the Hinrich Foundation welcomed 22 Asia-based journalists to its International Trade Fellowship in Singapore last month. The five-day workshop, held at the Foundation’s offices in Singapore, touched on digital trade, trade agreements, and US-China trade friction among other issues. The NPF International Trade Fellowship is part of an ongoing program of trade training for journalists and awards for trade coverage, sponsored by the Hinrich Foundation.

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