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Trade industry lacks key data

Published 29 August 2023

Established companies are often “clueless about trade agreements,” said Deborah Elms of the Asian Trade Center.

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A pandemic, geopolitical strife, and climate change have severely disrupted trade in recent years. The data and information needed to understand the impact of these upheavals on trade flows are missing. Digital trade, service trade, and small business trade are all difficult to appraise. “We also have a hard time disentangling the value of services from the value of trading goods,” Elms said. Companies are often clueless about trade agreements and how they can use the terms of the agreements to their advantage as policymakers don’t sufficiently explain the impact of trade agreements on firms and businesses.

About the NPF International Trade Fellowship 2023

The National Press Foundation holds an annual International Trade Fellowship workshop for journalists sponsored by the Hinrich Foundation. This year, we welcomed 24 Asia-based journalists to the fellowship at the Hinrich Foundation offices in Singapore. The sessions, held in July, focused on US-China geopolitics, AI’s impact on trade, global shifts in supply chains, data visuals, and more.

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