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Oxford Economics talks deglobalization and supply chains with AmCham

Published 23 April 2024

The Hinrich Foundation and the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore jointly hosted Oxford Economics’ lead economist Thang Nguyen to a roundtable on 16 April.

Participants discussed the insights from The Deglobalization Myth: How Asia’s supply chains are changing, an Oxford Economics paper commissioned by the Hinrich Foundation, which delves into how supply chains are changing globally and especially in Asia amid rising geopolitical pressures. They explored evolving geoeconomic trends including increased ‘minilateralism’, supply chain segmentation, and emergence of strategies like “China plus one, plus two, and plus three” among businesses. Discussions also centered on the role of policy feedback in guiding and preparing businesses for the challenges of tomorrow.

Thang is Lead Economist of macro consulting at Oxford Economics and specializes in bespoke forecast and scenario modelling, as well as thought leadership reports on trade and green transition.

Check out some photos of the roundtable here:

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