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Asia Trade Week 2022: The world ahead – emerging technologies and trade

Published 12 April 2022

How will the latest emerging technologies shape the future of trade? Part of the Economist Impact's Asia Trade Week 2022, Hinrich Foundation Research Fellow Alex Capri and two distinguished speakers from SGInnovate and Cisco explored the potential impact of quantum science, the metaverse, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on global commerce.

Rapid vaccine development for Covid-19 vaccines has been a reminder of the power of science, innovation and technology when it comes to changing the world. It is also inarguable that trade and technology are inextricably connected.

The past year has seen Asian trade and economies rebound following the shock of the coronavirus pandemic, but challenges persist. As 2022 progresses, what technologies should industry leaders and policymakers look out for to improve resilience and growth opportunities? 

In this session, part of the Economist Impact's Asia Trade Week 2022, a panel of three experts asked three key questions. What is the potential implications of quantum computing on global value chains? How will the metaverse change consumer behaviour and will non-fungible tokens (NFTs) make trade finance more efficient? What governance frameworks need to be put in place to optimise the use of emerging technologies?

Speakers included:

  • Alex Capri, Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation
  • Hsien-Hui Tong, Executive director, investments, SGInnovate
  • Naveen Menon, Vice president, Global 5G and Edge Offers; Board Member, Cisco Foundation, Cisco.

This session was moderated by Michael Frank, Manager, policy & insights, Economist Impact.

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NOTE: The webinars are only accessible to registrants of the event, and will no longer be available by end April 2022.

Other sessions of the Asia Trade Week 2022 are also available via the Economist Impact's website.

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