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For Students

Sustainable Trade Challenge

The Sustainable Trade Challenge (STC) is a student-led immersive simulation plunging you into the competitive world of international consultancy as a member of a team from one of the world’s leading sustainability consultancy firms.

Overview here

If you are a student and would like to have this free simulation held in your class, please download the  Overview for educators and forward to your professor. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us

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STC Students Resource Center


Download these required resources: STC Student Dossier, STC Project Brief and Sustainable Trade Index Resources.

Additional resources will help you formulate winning recommendations: Sustainable Trade Index VideoSustainable Trade Index ExplainerSTC Tips & Suggestions, STC Policy Considerations.

See below for brief introductions to each material.

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Std Dossier

STC Student Dossier

Start here for the Sustainable Trade Challenge introduction, and to understand your objectives and outcomes.


Project Brief

STC Project Brief

This is your Scope of Work from the ‘national government client’. Read this carefully!


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Sustainable Trade Index Resources

Download the essential Sustainable Trade Index White Paper at the link below. You will also benefit from the Economy Profiles, Infographics and interactive Workbook.


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Overview of the Sustainable Trade Index

Watch this short introductory video on the Sustainable Trade Index and key findings.

Sti Explainer For Student

Sustainable Trade Index Explainer

Download this Explainer for an overview of the rich resources included in the Sustainable Trade Index – your primary resource for understanding and successfully participating in the Sustainable Trade Challenge.


Tips For Students

STC Tips and Suggestions 

6 key factors for a successful simulation.


Policy Formulation

STC Policy Considerations

Examples of analysis and sustainability recommendations.


Other Resources

Economic pillar

Hinrich-IMD Sustainable Trade Index 2023 - Economic pillar

Societal pillar

Hinrich-IMD Sustainable Trade Index 2023 - Societal pillar

Environmental pillar

Hinrich-IMD Sustainable Trade Index 2023 - Environmental pillar