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Protectionism is on the rise, after decades of market opening and globalization. Understand the causes and effects of tariffs, quotas, export controls, trade sanctions, currency manipulation and other non-tariff measures on trade, globalization, competition and consumer welfare.

Our protectionism experts & contributors

Get access to proven experience and fresh thinking in cross-border trade, policy and business. Drawn from a wide range of disciplines and sectors, our experts offer valuable views and opinions on achieving sustainable global trade.

Stewart Paterson

Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation

Areas of expertise

Monetary policy
Political economy

Alicia Garcia Herrero

Chief Economist for Asia Pacific, NATIXIS

Areas of expertise

Economic impacts of trade
Macroeconomic policy
Asian economics

Stephen Olson

Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation

Areas of expertise

Sustainable trade
Trade negotiations
Free trade agreements
Tariffs & non-tariff barriers

Alex Capri

Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation and Senior Fellow, NUS Business School

Areas of expertise

Technology and trade
Global value chains
Tariffs and non-tariff barriers

Holly Smith

Attorney and policy expert

Areas of expertise

US-China trade