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Week of July 13

Published 13 July 2021

Sustainable trade

WTO report on G-20 trade measures (mid-October 2020 to mid-May 2021)

How have G-20 countries responded to the pandemic in terms of easing and restricting trade?  What is the impact of this response on the global economy?

By World Trade Organization

The EU's carbon border tax is likely to do more harm than good

The EU’s proposed Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism is intended to help reduce carbon emissions. Is the plan structured in a way that allows achievement of its stated goals?

By Uri Dadush, Policy Center for the New South

US-China trade

China seems intent on decoupling its companies from Western markets

By The Economist

It just got a lot riskier to own US-listed shares of Chinese companies

By Clay Chandler and Yvonne Lau, Fortune

DiDi’s humbling is the end of an era for Chinese cross-border IPOs

By David Wertime and Shen Lu, Protocol China

Global markets have watched with concern the sudden reversal of fortune of ride-sharing giant Didi Chuxing after its big debut on the New York Stock Exchange. What lies ahead for Chinese firms that hope to list in US stock exchanges? How will tighter regulation of ‘Variable Interest Entities’ impact foreign investment? Will US regulators make it more difficult for Chinese companies to list shares? And what are the implications of these developments on data collection in China?

When will China rule the world? Maybe never

China hopes to become the largest economy in the world in the next decade. But to achieve this milestone, it must overcome significant challenges.

By Eric Zhu and Tom Orlik, Bloomberg

Digital trade

Indian leaders fail to understand danger of new IT rules

India’s new Information Technology Rules require removing “unlawful” posts. Social media companies are challenging the rules, citing arbitrary enforcement and vague definitions.

By Ken Koyanagi, Nikkei Asia

Facebook, Twitter, Google threaten to quit Hong Kong over proposed data laws

Social media companies, wary of proposed revisions to Hong Kong’s Personal Data Privacy Ordinance that would implicate local employees over offending posts, may leave Hong Kong.

By Newley Purnell, Wall Street Journal

Could trade agreements help address the wicked problem of cross-border disinformation? 

How can trade agreements help mitigate the spread of disinformation?  What provisions can negotiators adopt to combat this problem?

By Susan Ariel Aaronson, CIGI Papers No. 255

Free trade agreements / Trade and geopolitics

Decades of trade deals brought only slight benefit to US economy, commission says

A recent report by the United States International Trade Commission reveals positive but minimal economic impact from trade agreements negotiated between 1984 and 2017.

By Doug Palmer, Politico

Foreign direct investment

The taxman cometh

What impact will changes to the global tax regime have on foreign direct investment and the structure of multinational corporations?

By Nicholas Shaxson, Foreign Affairs

Biden builds on Trump’s use of investment review panel to take on China

As tensions increase, how will the US investment review process adapt to the new reality of the US-China economic relationship?

By Alex Leary and Katy Stek Ferek, Wall Street Journal

Trade and technology

The missing chips

How did the Trump Administration’s trade policy toward China contribute to semiconductor shortages?

By Chad P. Bown, Foreign Affairs

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