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US-China trade

US business prepares for next wave of tariffs on 100% of goods from China

Published 11 July 2019

Keep track of the "tranches" or waves of tariffs on Chinese goods announced or implemented by the Trump administration using our graphic.

Over several days in late June, trade policymakers in Washington listened to the testimony of hundreds of businesses and industries from sports fishing to booksellers, bakers and bicycle makers, logistics companies, and inventors of healthcare and high tech products. Most wish to avoid the next wave of tariffs that would apply to nearly 100 percent of the goods we import from China.

Meanwhile, more microeconomic effects can be understood by examining the thousands of requests that companies and associations have made to the administration, each asking that specific products be excluded from tariffs already in effect. To achieve an exclusion, applicants must explain how the product needed might be too costly or not widely available for purchase outside China. They must also analyze whether the product is strategically important or relevant to China’s Made in China 2025 industrial ambitions.

Economists Christine McDaniel and Danielle Parks break down the status of how the administration is responding to these product exclusion requests. TradeVistas offers this graphic to summarize their detailed investigation, and to help you keep track of “tranches” or waves of tariffs announced or implemented by the administration over the last year or so.

Feel free to use and share our graphics. Updated as of December 16, 2019.

Wave of China Tariffs TradeVistas

Want to dive deep into the product exclusion process and outcomes to date? Read McDaniel’s full paper, "Investigating Product Exclusion Requests for Section 301 Tariffs", with links to full data sets.

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