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Slowdowns and slumps: What economists are saying about the impact of Trump’s tariffs

Published 11 July 2019

How were economists dialing Trump's tariffs into their forecast about growth for the US and global economy? Understand the impact of Trump's tariffs from an economist's perspective.

Economists can’t tell you how tariffs impact your own business, your job or your shopping cart. Nonetheless, as tariffs are set to go higher, we wondered how economists are dialing the tariffs into their forecasts about growth for the US and global economy.

Tariff impact on US and global economic growth- 2

Interests rate cuts antidote to slowing economy- 3

Will USMCA deal fix trade problems- 4

How will businesses cope with trade tensions- 5

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Christine McDaniel is a senior research fellow with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

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