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Dang Le DHL Express MGT '22

Dang Le




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2022
Co-sponsor: DHL Express


Service Center Manager
DHL Express, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
“I believe the Master of Global Trade program will put into perspective the importance and relevance of the subject in facing today's and tomorrow's real-world challenges.”

Scholar background

Toan Dang Le is Service Center Manager at DHL Express, the world’s leading logistics company with operations in 220 countries and territories. In his role, he works closely with the management team and ensures that performance of all vendors meet their global standards. He is also involved in the business acquisition process and provides after sales support to achieve revenue and profitability targets.

He joined DHL as a Management Trainee at DHL Supply Chain Vietnam for two years from 2015, where he was one of the top 3 management trainees. He also received a Special Award from the company’s country manager.

Prior to his current role in DHL Express, Dang was Head of Operations for Pickupp Vietnam in 2018, after working for over a year as a Supply Chain Manager at Central Group Vietnam.

Dang earned his bachelor’s degree in Commerce from RMIT University Vietnam in 2015, and a recipient of an award from the Golden Key International Honor Society in Australia.

Personal statement

As the world is changing in every aspect, we must be able to adapt quickly, find stability, and take advantage of opportunities to grow. I believe the Master of Global Trade program will offer a wide range of knowledge across global trade, putting into perspective the importance and relevance of the subject in facing today's and tomorrow's real-world challenges. As an RMIT alumni, I deeply appreciate the support from lecturers to students as well as their practical knowledge and industry experience.

From the perspective of a next-generation Vietnamese, I see an opportunity to grow and contribute to the upward trend of globalization in my country. The Master of Global Trade is a great program to improve my personal and professional development to become a future leader and contribute to my country as well as my company.

The Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship has given me the opportunity to engage with the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association's valuable network of global trade leaders. Connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and industry sectors has definitely expanded my professional network and strengthened my sphere of support.