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Chau Pham Minh BIDV MGT '21 3

Chau Pham




RMIT University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Global Trade, Class of 2021
Co-sponsor: BIDV


Deputy Head, Wholesale Banking Product
BIDV, Hanoi, Vietnam
“By participating in the Master of Global Trade program, I will gain opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences with peers in the trade field.”

Alumni background

Based in Hanoi, Chau is the Deputy Head for Wholesale Banking Products at the Bank for Investment and Development Vietnam (BIDV), one of the world’s top 400 banks according to Forbes magazine. Since starting at BIDV in 2003, she has held a variety of leadership roles including Vice President of the International Desk.

Chau received her bachelor's degree in Banking and Finance from the National Economics University in Hanoi in 2003. She then earned a master's degree in finance and control via a partner program between the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises in Lyon, France, and the University of Commerce in Hanoi in 2010. In 2021, she received her Masters of Global Trade from RMIT University the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship Program.

Personal statement

Having spent 16 years working at BIDV and half of the time with the Credit and Trade Finance Department, I became interested in researching and exploring trade finance and commerce.

Since I was promoted to my current position as Vice President of the International Desk, I hope to contribute more and play a bigger role in BIDV's dedication to foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam. In addition to financing, BIDV also provides many digital products for FDI businesses, helping them to manage cash flow, businesses and a better connection with partners and customers.

With my strong experience in many fields of banking activities, I believe I can gain new insights and share my knowledge to contribute to the success of this first Master of Global Trade. It is a new master’s program of RMIT University, and targets the development of a new generation of global trade leaders in the context of integration and globalization.

The program is a completely new format compared to the university's previous master’s training programs. The course, in cooperation with highly reputable financial institutions and trade enterprises, will certainly bring new values and lessons associated with practical training. It will also develop talented local trade leaders, who have strong influence in the formation of sustainable global trade in Asia and worldwide.

By participating in the MGT program, I will gain opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences with peers in global trade and other new fields. I strongly believe that after completing the course, I will be able to contribute to the cultivation of ethical values that advance sustainable trade in my workplace. I am ready to connect and share with fellow students and those who follow.