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Hinrich Foundation Scholar Sharon Sheng HKBU

Sharon Sheng




Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong SAR
Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2019
“I am grateful and honored to be awarded the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship. I will seize this great opportunity to leverage myself and become a global trade leader.”

Currently I am studying marketing under Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship. I keep exploring what I can do to be a member of global trade and promote it. Through the courses, I learn a crucial part of global trade, creating need and satisfying it with products with value. The internship at Global Sources provided me a chance to experience the global trade by myself. I got to realize that connecting buyer and the supplier and make them match is important but difficult. I also realize that a well-functioning online platform makes it much easier and the internet business becomes a trend in the global trade. To explore more about the amazing Internet business, I went to MI, a mobile internet company, as an HR intern. Assisting in a training program allow me to develop an overall image of the mobile internet industry. I was also impress by MI’s way of doing business. It differentiates itself with products of extremely high cost and unique way of social media marketing, which brings them huge number of customer and a worldwide reputation.

In the future, I expect to join the internet industry, to promote global trade with the power of technology. I would love to hear some insight from experts in this industry. It’s also great to communicate with or get advice about it from people in the community. And it will be fantastic to get an opportunity of joining the business.