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Hinrich Foundation Alumni Muhammad Nurun Nobi Hkpolyu

Muhammad Nurun Nobi




Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong SAR
MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management, Class of 2016
Co-sponsor: VF Corporation


Plant Engineer
VF Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh
“The key to any positive transition is to get out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities.”

Nobi always wanted to fly. His passion was to join the Air Force of Bangladesh, but he lost out on his dream in the final round of the selection. To his credit, he did not allow this disappointment to faze him. He enrolled himself at the University of Dhaka and took up Leather Engineering. “By the time I decided to study engineering, the only available course was Leather Engineering,” says Nobi, “but I took it, because I never wanted to be stuck without an option in hand.”

His diligence and strong work ethic paid off in 2016 when he was selected for the VF Asia-Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Leader scholarship to pursue his Master in Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2016. VF is a Fortune 500 global apparel and footwear company. Its brands include Vans, Jansport, Eastpak, Timberland and The North Face.

Living away from his family was a challenge. But living as a student in Hong Kong was an experience Nobi cherishes. Besides world-class education, it gave him direction, a better world-view and a coveted job with VF. “Super-convenient transportation system, multicultural work environment, mega business hub of Asia and open trade policy are my takeaways of living in Hong Kong,” reminisces Nobi.

Nobi received “Best Project of the Year” Award when he graduated from HK Poly U in 2017

Nobi noted how his multicultural exposure both from his studies and work gave him a different perspective in looking at things, and open up great opportunities.

Visionary global trade leader

As a Plant Engineer with VF Asia in Bangladesh, Nobi is a living example of high adaptability and patience to see amazing results. “My main responsibility is to create an efficient manufacturing processes for our different product lines such as outerwear, backpack and footwear. The manufacturing industry can create more jobs compared to other industries – and my passion is to master all processes in this industry so I can create a strong supply chain by efficient use of man, machine and materials.”

Flying high in the global trade industry is Nobi’s passion now. “Trade helps countries to grow their economies, create jobs and reduce poverty — gradually bringing about a prosperous and healthy world economy. I want to be a global trade leader to boost the growth of my country and take healthy initiatives in the economic development of my part of the world.”

In his role as the President of the Hinrich Alumni Leadership Committee, he leads a pool of talented Hinrich Foundation alumni, travel to different countries and interact with different cultures. He feels honored to be at the helm of the committee and feels that it gives him opportunities to bring about change like never before. “I feel privileged to be a mentee of Mr. Hinrich. It is like learning the ropes of sustainable trade from a true master of global trade.”

Nobi (far left) with co-alumni Mosaddek Allama (2nd from left) and the VF Engineering Team visiting the VF facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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