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Seven shockwaves in the global trade system

Published 23 May 2023

The post-World War II global trade order has undergone considerable shifts. Hinrich Foundation Senior Research Fellow recently talked about the seven shockwaves reverberating through the global trade system in an Open House hosted at the Foundation’s Singapore office. Watch the recap here to understand the factors shaping the emerging trade landscape.

Watch the webinar:

The existing rules-based system has delivered immense benefits. However, a new economic nationalism driven by economic and geopolitical factors is countering decades of globalization. The post-war spirit of cooperation in trade has largely collapsed, increasingly replaced by protectionistic trade policies pursued irrespective of collateral damage on trade partners or the wider multilateral system.

In his tour of the global trade horizon, Stephen Olson takes us through the seven shockwaves that threaten to change the existing rules-based trade system and make trade less global, more fragmented, and increasingly contentious.

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