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Joint roundtable with WEF on national vs. economic security

Published 04 June 2024

The Hinrich Foundation and the World Economic Forum jointly held a roundtable on national and economic security ahead of the Shangri-La Dialogue on 30 May.

The imperatives of national security have increasingly made casualties of international economic cooperation, as a broad stripe of trade restrictions, investment screening, export controls, sanctions, and other regulatory interventions are emplaced and escalated almost daily in countries across the world. This increasingly puts at odds policymakers, businesses, and thinkers from two vastly different “tribes”, with each harboring its own worldview, objectives, and priorities.

The Hinrich Foundation jointly held a roundtable with the World Economic Forum, just ahead of last weekend’s Shangri-La Dialogue, to bring together top minds from government, key embassies, and multinational business to discuss the impact from the intensifying global geostrategic contest.

Participants shared perspectives on the dilemma of having national security coexist with the demands and benefits of continued trade and investment liberalization. Check out some photos of the roundtable here:

Joint roundtable with WEF on national vs. economic security

Joint roundtable with WEF on national vs. economic security

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