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SME Sustainable Trade Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the SME Sustainable Trade Awards Singapore 2023 provide for participants?

The SME Sustainable Trade Awards will provide a highly visible, globally recognized annual platform for SMEs to showcase their contributions to advancing sustainable approaches to international trade.

Who is behind the SME Sustainable Trade Awards? 

The Trade Awards has been commissioned by the Hinrich Foundation, a unique Asia-based philanthropic organization that works to advance mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade. We believe sustainable global trade strengthens relationships between nations and improves people’s lives. The Foundation was established in 2012.

Our knowledge partner, ERM, is the world’s largest pure-play sustainability consultancy in the world. EMR partners with the world’s leading organizations, creating innovative solutions to sustainability challenges, and unlocking commercial opportunities that meet the needs of today while preserving opportunity for future generations.

Who is eligible to apply for the Awards?

SMEs registered in Singapore, and working in some aspect across the global trade value chains are welcome to apply. SME is defined as having an annual turnover of up to 100 million OR up to 200 employees.

We are not a Singapore-based company. Can we apply?

The inaugural Awards are for SMEs registered in Singapore. However, we have ambitions to roll these awards out across the region. Do look out for subsequent iterations of the awards and stay connected to our LinkedIn for updates.

Can we apply if we don’t satisfy your eligibility criteria (e.g. not an “SME”)? 

If your operations are close to meeting the criteria, do reach out and we will assess the situation on a case-by-case basis.

Sustainable global trade requires engagement across the value chain. As such, if your operations far exceed the criteria, we encourage you to reach out to your supply chain, contractors and/or partners to participate in these Awards.

Is the Awards application difficult?

No - we have designed it to be quick and easy!

This is an opportunity to tell your story about your project / initiative / solution(s) that contribute to sustainable approaches to global trade, and which you are most proud of. Please refer here for the Evaluation Criteria and a PDF version of the form. All applications, however, must be submitted via the online link. Our team will guide you through the process if you need help.

How can we apply?

Apply here. The application will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Are there any fees for participation?

No. Participation is free.

There are no hidden costs, no tables, no ads to purchase. All winners and shortlisted nominees will be invited to an exclusive Awards ceremony on 8 September.

How will the entries be judged?

We will use a comprehensive framework based on international best practices to evaluate your application. In collaboration with ERM, this framework has been designed to ensure that we recognize not just large initiatives, but also initiatives which may be simple yet innovative, replicable and effective. Please see the website for more info.

Do we need to prepare any documents?

No. However, as part of your application, you may wish to submit supplementary materials such as photos, videos, sustainability targets, policy statements, videos, news articles, as well as links to various sites to support your application. You will not be required to present operational data.

Should we still apply if we have never done a sustainability report or are only beginning our sustainable trade journey?

Yes! These Awards are precisely for you! While we commend SMEs who have made progress on their sustainable trade journey, we also want to recognise those who have good project / initiative / solution(s) regardless of where they are in their journey. If you have an initiative that you are particularly proud of, please share it with us via the link here.

We are not sure if we are eligible to participate. Is there someone we can contact to clarify our doubts?

Please contact if you have any queries about the Awards or the application process.

Is there a prize for the Awards?

The total cash prize pool is SGD20,000, which will be awarded by the judging panel based n the categories and/or sector of the applicants.

When will the Awards be held? 

The SME Sustainable Trade Awards ceremony will be held on 8 September, venue to be announced.