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SME Sustainable Trade Awards

Evaluation Criteria

SMEs are at the forefront of Singapore's economy and play a critical role in sustainable trade. Ensuring that global trade is conducted in a mutually beneficial way between trading partners and achieves balanced economic, environmental, and social outcomes is a complex issue, but SMEs can make a significant impact through their unique contributions.

In partnership with ERM, we have developed a comprehensive rubric based on international best practices to evaluate your application. This methodology has been designed to ensure that we recognize not just large and expensive initiatives, but also initiatives which may be simple yet innovative, replicable and effective.

We also recognize that every organization's journey towards sustainability is unique and may occur in stages. It is crucial to acknowledge where you are in your journey towards advancing sustainable trade as this will help you align your business strategy, develop resilience, and set you apart from your competitors.

The evaluation for the SME Sustainable Trade Awards application will be based on 2 criteria:

  • Your story of the project / initiative / solution (s) related to the SME Sustainable Trade Framework
  • Your sustainable trade journey


The SME Sustainable Trade Framework is how we view SMEs along the trade value chain approach sustainability. Keep this framework in mind when you tell your story.


SME Sustainable Trade Framework


Within each area of the framework – Sustainable Trade, Environmental, Societal and Governance, please share with us your understanding of where you stand in your journey.


SME STA Journey

Within each of the elements, you will be asked to rate yourself on your journey:

Sustainable Trade Mutually Beneficial, Supply Chain Resilience, Digitalisation, Stakeholder Engagement
Environmental Emissions, Circular Economy, Waste Management, Environmental Protection
Social Capacity Building, Health & Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, Decent Work
Governance Regulatory Compliance, Information Management, Business Ethics, Internal Governance


To help with your application, you can view the offline application form here. Do note that all applications must be submitted online by 31 May 2023.

For additional information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or you may email us


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