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Georgetown Master of Science in Foreign Service

Hinrich Foundation scholarship

Through this generous partial tuition scholarship, we aim to empower future leaders in government, business and civil society to advance trade in consideration of balancing economic, social and environmental implications. The campus in Washington, D.C. gives scholars access to global trade policy thought leadership.

Special announcement

Ieva Skrivere joins the Hinrich Foundation family as the 2022 Hinrich Global Trade Leader scholarship recipient for Georgetown University's Master of Science in Foreign Service. Read our special announcement here.

Hinrich Foundation Insead Mba Scholarship

About the scholarship - Academic Year 2023


Open to applicants from all countries enrolled in, or applying to, the program and who:

  • Demonstrate an interest in working in Asia post-MSFS
  • Have at least 5-years’ work experience and display a strong interest in working in global trade

One scholarship amounting to USD30,000


Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA


Classes begin in September 2023

Application Deadline

1 February 2023


Scholarship graduates will be encouraged to engage with the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA) for mentorship, networking and possible career opportunities.

Students need to apply directly to the Georgetown University’s MSFS Scholarship Committee. Applicants should email the MSFS Admissions Office for details.